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Why Get Stamped Concrete Patio?

The variety that you get in stamped concrete designs, is second to none. Just with the concrete itself, you can have self-designs that make use of the aesthetic of plain concrete with the clever use of designs that further bring out the appeal of concrete. Then of course there are the usual stamped concrete designs like floral, geometric, motifs, filigree and so on. Then comes the designs that give the concrete patio the look of pavers. The best among all these will have to be the stamps that mimic other flooring materials. There are many cons that may discourage you from getting the original material. You can get concrete patio designs that look like cobblestone, flagstone, wood, tiles, marble, travertine and slate. If you get a view of an adjoining lake from your patio, you can get a stamped concrete design of shells and sand for that beach feel. Or if your patio overlooks a lush garden, you can get the design of the forest floor stamped on your patio floor. You can even get the design of pebbles stamped for that authentic relaxing feeling.

What Are The Pros of Stamped Concrete?

Besides the aesthetic superiority, stamped concrete has a number of pros that will make you choose it over any other. There is a reason we champion it at VanderVeer Concrete. The stamped concrete lasts longer and people frequent the patio of the house the most. So, the sheen of a polished concrete floor may get dull, the colors of stained concrete floors may get faded, textured concrete floors will get weathered after some days, but you will face none of these problems with stamped concrete. Even if stamped concrete gets faded a bit, it will seem a part of the design. The same applies in case the raised parts of the stamped concrete design gets worn out a bit. And of course, there is no possibility of any polish getting dulled here, because none is used. Also think of what happens if the concrete patio floor gets cracked or damaged slightly. A stamped patio floor can camouflage nearly all such marks pretty well. While we definitely recommend you to reseal your concrete patio floor when it starts to show signs of damage, it is also true that you will at least not have to be embarrassed by such imperfections when guests visit your patio in the meantime.  We recommend re-sealing every 2 to 3 years to maintain the surface.

Stamped Concrete Cost?

You must be thinking that a flooring technique that has so many choices when it comes to designs and also comes with so many advantages must be extremely costly, right? Stamped concrete is less expensive than most other options. If we consider materials other than concrete, we have stone, wood, tiles, travertine and slate as some of the most popular flooring components. Each of these is quite expensive, starting from raw materials to installation, to repair and maintenance, the cost is high. On top of that, none of these are half as durable as concrete. Textured concrete flooring also gets worn out a lot, so the maintenance cost goes up. Stamped concrete is your most economical option. At VanderVeer Concrete, we can give you an accurate estimate & tell you when we can begin the job!


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