Professional Concrete and Snow Removal Services

Our team will remove the snow for you! Just call & we'll be there!

Let Us Toil in the Snow for You!

Don't venture out in the cold this winter! The team at Vander Veer Concrete also provides snow removal services so you can stay warm while we clear your new driveway or patio for you. When the threat of a winter storm enters your area, rest easy knowing that the team at Vander Veer Concrete will be outside removing the snow so you can go about your day. Sit back, relax and let our team give you immediate access to the outside world. Call us today!

Snowfall Clearing

Kid Removing Snow

Snow can fall at an alarming rate and close you off from the outside world within hours. Don't get trapped in your own home. Our team will clear out the snow and haul it away. Vander Veer Concrete can dig you out fast! Call today and schedule service.

Our Services Include:

  • Snow removal
  • Snow hauling
  • Deicing
  • Sidewalk clearing
  • Salting

Top-of-The-Line Equipment is Always Used

For over 40 years, the team at Vander Veer Concrete has used state of the art techniques to remove and haul away massive accumulations of snow. Our services are extremely affordable and are damage-free.


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